Big changes in 2018

Gosh... where do I begin. Last year I chose to go all online with Whimzey and little did I know that I would be working for an amazing company shortly after. I truly think God knew my heart and all of this happened at his exact moment. I wish everyone had the love for their job as I do.

Whimzey on the other hand is still selling lots of great items on our private page but we have branched out this year with a few new exciting things.

-monthly subscription scripture tee shirt box

-future monthly monogram tee shirt box

Please note we revamped our website for 2018 and it looks a little naked. Don't worry lots will be going back on the page.

But what we are most excited is our crafting videos & Whimzey society memberships. Our first is on how to start selling wholesale and the next is how to start a boutique.

If you don't personsally know me, I have been in retail, wholesale, sales and manufacturing for over 15+ years. I see many crafters and artisians that could be selling in stores nationwide but they have no idea how to get started. So, I decided to take my knowledge and help people get started and be successful.

Join our "society" and learn, stay connected with others, and get real coaching... taking your business to the next level. It's on $39 and that is cheaper than a counseling session & close to a weeks worth of yummy coffee. You can't afford not to business is investing in its self and not getting pertinent information.

If your not in this position, your friend might or relative might be ready to take the leap! Share our page with them and help them change their business.



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