Confetti Bookmarks

Every year, moms browse stores for cute Valentines cards and little goodies to give at school parties. I think we even look at Pinterest but don't have time to create something, feel incapable of creating or think it will cost to much to make. Here is an easy project for you and the kids.


page protectors rolling solder by WeR confetti/glitter/construction paper/vinyl ( anything you want inside the bookmark) ribbon/ yarn for the tassel hole punch printed tape scissors


Using your Solder, roll lines to create wide bookmarkers. Then add a 2nd line about 1/2 inch form the other. After all your double lines are made, take scissors and cute between the lines. This ensures all sides are sealed.

STEP 2 Fill bookmarks with confetti and seal the top. Making two lines at the top an inch a part.

STEP 3 Hole punch the top and tie ribbon.

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