Creating sweet treats....

Have you seen these cute fry boxes? 

I have had them laying around for a while because I knew they would come in handy. And they just did! Around the holidays.. we all panic because of gifts.. typically no one wants to spend a lot because there are several people to give to... like...

Teachers, friends, co-workers, volunteers!! 

So let's be practical and affordable. Use things from around the house to help creat these cute goodies. Also, check with your local dollar tree for items that you can add like: 

Socks, candy, lip gloss, hair accessories, jewelry and even gift cards.. 

I forgot to purchase wooden dowels and used straws ( watch my video how) or try popsicle sticks, plastic silverware or pencils. 

Just be creative with washi tape, confetti, glitter, gift wrap and ribbons. 

Be inspired! 💗

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