What ?? I am sure this thought has crossed your mind. Where did this idea come from?

several of my peers and friends make door hangers and boy are they killer. I usually have something on my door but love to decorate my porch and also my house for holidays. I am that girl that always wants to plan the BEST shower for a friend and BAM.. this thought came to LIFE!

Surely... there are more people like me, right? Out of no where.. I said, I have it! What if each person could paint their own pieces of wood with the help of my instructions on their time and from anywhere! Yes!!!!!!

What if they could attach these items to lots of items like.....

frames, trays, chalk boards, toy boxes, rubber buckets... and cookie jars. Then you could change them out with seasons and they might get lost but won't break and they are affordable. This is the moment... after samples were cut, painted and attached to things, I was SOLD! I love the fact I can change my platter out for my kids next school party or have a frame on my desk with my family and the chalk board outside on my porch will change with each and every attachable I make. There is not a wrong design or color to paint each piece and if you hate it, paint it again! It's really that simple.

When you join, it's $19 a month ( cancel if you want) 2 wooden pieces, Velcro, a video , free shipping, a private group with ideas and inspiration and............................................... WHOLE LOT of FUN with ME!

Sign Up Today... by clicking on the " Velcro IT" image above.

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