5 ways to decorate the hen's eggs

Are you ready? Do you have your eggs... the ones you stole from the coop?

Here are five ways you can decorate cute eggs.

- DYED EGGS ( bowl, color, whisk that a egg can fit in the middle to dunk in dye.. the balancing of a spoon is CRAZY but even a bigger pain in the butt to scoop it out afterwards.

- MODPOD ( for glitter, sequins or confetti)

- TYE DYE ( whip cream or shaving cream, food color, toothpicks) fill a casserole dish.... with whip cream/shaving cream... sprinkle a little color and lightly stir the color with a tooth pick.

- watercolor, marker or paint the eggs

-monogram eggs ( place a vinyl monogram or design) then decorate with one of the following techniques used above and when dry.. peel monogram off.

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