I am going to PCB after Spring BREAK!

So.... You decided to stay back until after all the craziness calmed down. SMART! I love going to the PCB area when its just warm enough to relax but not to hot and not cold. I think the older you get, the less you want to bake in the sun. lol! However, my favorite thing to do when traveling is EAT!! Can I get an AMEN??? Here are couple great places I love ... and no... they are all not all food!

1- I love a great massage... oh yes I do! In fact I had fabulous ones in Thailand and I would say this place was the best US massage I have received. It was from Hand& Stone Massage.

2- If you have not eaten at Bayou on Beach... shame on you! Just kidding!! This is a smaller place, that was once more of DIVE but has had some face lifts in the last couple years. Their oysters are fabulous but their Mardi Gras fish is AMAZING!!! You must try it if you like olives.

3- If you are a "granola" of love a more gourmet refreshing breakfast... this is the place!! WOW!! First Watch was amazing. I had a hash that was out of this world. Everything seems like it farm fresh.. not sure if it really is, but dang.... they are rocking it for sure!

4- A great fatting breakfast is the DONUT HOLE... a must.

5- Always, we head down 30A to have some fun shopping.. all the stores in Seaside are more mom and pop stores and have that boutique, hand-made vide.. Great for shopping and walking around as well as events.

6- Raw and Juicy is a great places to grab a fresh smoothie

These are just of the few place I love to go to while I visit and I know you will enjoy them as well! xoxo

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