What I Wore: Travel Edition

Flying high in comfort that is wedgie proof.

Finding something comfortable and stylish can be hard when traveling, especially if you are flying across the world and comfort is a must!

While traveling for business, I love to wear a subtle pair of leggings- my go to are dark navy and have black cheetah spots that are hardly noticeable.

Leggings, a long tunic top, black sport coat and stylish comfy shoes completes me ever time. the outfit is classy and comfy for those that need to head straight to a meeting from the airport. The leggings seem to be wedgie proof but add a enough warmth so the hairs on your legs don't start their growth process. Please tell me I am not the only one that seems to grow hair rapidly in cool air conditioned places where my goose bumps appear.

The top is long enough to cover my rear-end and the sport coats adds a business touch but also adds a little warmth for the long hauls.

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